Water Heat Maintenance

01 Jul. 17

Water Heater Maintenance – Frequently Asked Questions

We often get the question from our customers about water heater maintenance, how often it is needed and why the homeowner should have to worry about maintenance. In this #ask-ed post, we will cover many of questions about water heater maintenance.

It is recommended by water heater manufacturers that water heaters be flushed anywhere from every 1-2 years. The cost of flushing a water heater varies from anywhere between $275- 375 depending on the size in gallons. This flushing is also necessary for tankless water heaters.

Here’s the bottom line according to Ed: Due to calcium build up and hard water, he recommends and conducts 6-8 hours of water heater service and flushing per scheduled maintenance. Homeowners be aware, traditional maintenance conducted by some plumbing companies can only involve draining and refilling the water heater, which is a less thorough and not recommended because this short process does not strip away those tough calcium and hard water build ups within the water heater.

At Triple S Plumbing, our technicians are required to conduct the proper and thorough steps in flushing the water heater over many hours. Ed only recommends this maintenance for water heaters that are no older than 8 years. In cases where the water heater is older than 8 years, we recommend investing the money on a new water heater instead of maintenance on the old one. When flushing the water heater, the homeowner will not have access to hot water for at least 8 hours, however, cold water will be available. The service requires several trips by the technician within the scheduled 8-hour window to ensure that flushing is done effectively.

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