Water & Gas Leak Specialists

water and gas leaks

Water & Gas Leak Specialists

Our leak detection services will find where the problem is before it gets bad. Avoid unnecessary property damage and call us now. If you are experiencing an unusually high water bill, hear water running indoors or find yourself constantly refilling the pool you may have a hidden plumbing leak.

Plumbing Leaks – can include a running toilet, dripping faucet, broken water line, cracked drain line, leaking water heater and/or a damaged sewer line. With our plumbing leak detectors, our plumbers can detect exactly where your leak is occurring and fix it fast.

Drain pipe repairSlab Leaks – can be hard to detect. Symptoms include: a sudden spike in the water bill; a noticeable drop in water pressure; the constant sound of water running; damp carpeting or other flooring; foundation cracks or settling; and mildew in the walls or in the basement. If the leak is in a hot water line, the floor above it may feel warm to the touch.

Along with increased utility bills, and the possibility of bad odors in your home, leaks can be dangerous – especially gas line leaks. A gas leak in your home or office is very dangerous and can put your family in danger.

Gas Leaks – If you are unsure whether you have a gas leak or not, call us and we’ll perform a gas leak detection for you. Since these can be fatal, it’s urgent that if you suspect a gas leak, you leave your home and call us right away.

From leak detection to complete plumbing repairs our friendly plumbing technicians have the skill and experience to help repair any problems affordably and completely. Call us now at (818) 644-7060 and schedule an appointment.

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With over 15 years experience serving the Southern California Area and a large team of knowledgeable, experienced and friendly staff on hand to solve your most complicated plumbing problems, Triple S Plumbing Inc. would love the opportunity to earn your business .

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Whether you are remodeling a bathroom, fixing a leak, upgrading your toilet and faucets or repiping your entire house, Triple S Plumbing Inc. can take care of any bathroom plumbing job. We can also provide twenty-four hour emergency repairs, so call us anytime!

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